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                  DH-550 Full-automatic shrink label

                  Production description:
                  DH-550 series are mainly to satisfy the higher requirements on production speed, and it is a high speed machine customized according to different customers.

                  Applicable labeling type:
                  The production speed of this machine is about 600 bottle/min, suitable for the shrink label for beverage, pure water, dairy products and chemical products of various bottle types.

                  DH-550shrink label Technical parameter
                  Input power 8.0KW
                  Input voltage ∮3,380/220VAC
                  Production efficiency 600 bottle/min(Bottle/min)
                  Diameter of the bottle Φ28mm -Φ125mm
                  Label length 30mm-250mm
                  Thickness of label 0.03mm ~ 0.13mm
                  Internal diameter of paper pipe 5'~10' freely adjust
                  Size of the equipment L2500mm x W1200mm x H2200mm
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