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            DH-100 drum set of marking machine

            Product Description: 
            DH-100 type bottled water labeling machine adopts stainless steel material, it has scientific and reasonable design. The machine is used in labeling of 5 gallon purified water and relevant products. It has features as low cost and high efficiency. It is ideal labeling product for bottled water at home and abroad.
            Dimension: 2000(L)*850(W)*1900(H)/mm
            Voltage Specification: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 1.5-2KW single phase 
            Max Speed: 0-2000 drum/h (adjustable)
            Bottle Diameter: 50mm-130mm (customizable)
            Label Thickness: 0.033mm-0.13mm
            Label Material: PVC, PET, OPS

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